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Are you an artist instead of a writer? Or do you do both, but you're stuck in art mode right now? Is all the talk about NaNoWriMo making you want to be part of the November insanity but 50,000 words looks really daunting?

Welcome to NaNoMangO, the art alternative to NaNoWriMo. Sharpen your pencils! It's all about thirty pages of penciled sequential art, in whatever style you choose, a page a day through the entire month of November. Come join the insanity, spread the word, and hang around with everyone else who's going to be wailing about page layout and bad drawing and not being able to find their favorite eraser in addition to stuck plots and stubborn main characters.

  • "Sequential Art" means just that - art that tells a story, meant to be read in sequence. If all you can do is four panel strips, then do it. If you're ambitious, tackle doing full page comic layouts. Just get a page of some sort done per day!

  • The "mang(a)" part of the name is deceiving, I realize. It just sounded catchy. #^_^# Your art style can be anything you want -- western comic super hero influenced, japanese manga influenced, whatever you're best at.

  • Inking and cleanup aren't necessary! That's considered part of the revision and editing phase after November. ^_^ Just make sure your pencil art is decipherable at a later date.

  • Fan work versus original... not going to make a difference. Some people have done nanowrimo with fanfiction, just using it as a challenge to make themselves write 50k words in a month. If you want to work on a fan doujinshi, go for it.

  • Are you a super fast artist? Need more than thirty pages to do what you want to do? Thirty is only the bottom limit. If you need more, keep going!

  • Can it be part of an existing project? -- Unlike Nanowrimo, the answer is yes. If you have a web comic or something already in the works and want to challenge yourself to pencil thirty new pages for it in a month, that's fine.

  • Can it be several short projects? -- Again, yes. Have several short scripts for little ten page projects? Do three of them! Just do one page a day.

  • Ratings -- This is open to whatever you want. Nanowrimo doesn't care if you write 50k of erotica and we don't care if you draw 30 pages of it. Or have characters that swear every other sentence. But for posting things to the community please keep in mind that lots of people read their LJs at work -- imagine that you're in an office with prying co-workers reading over your shoulder, and if it's not work safe then please put it behind an lj-cut with a warning!

  • Genre -- Again, utterly open. Drama, action, comedy, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, horror, occult, fighting, sports, superheroes, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, yaoi/slash, yuri, het, gen, take your pick and run with it. No genre is any less or more appropriate than any other. We're all adults - please respect each other's genres. If it's not your thing then just pass it by. Likewise, however, please put things that are not safe for discussion or viewing by people who might be in an office with the boss peering over their shoulder (ie, smut, and I don't care which gender!) under content cuts.

  • Images posted to the community publicly (not cut) should be no larger than 500 pixels in width. Images larger than that, or posts which contain more than one image, should be put behind cuts to avoid breaking friends pages.

  • Nanomango is held twice yearly instead of only once - once in November as the art alternative to Nanowrimo, and once in June for those who can't make November for whatever reason. You could do both if you were really inspired, but please don't feel obligated!

  • Spread the word!
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